Precious Citrus GinYATSU BOSHI


The meticulously crafted precious citrus gin, pulling out the power of the famous local citruses by YATSUSHIRO DISTILLERY, the legendary shochu producer in Yatsushiro with 84 years of tradition and expertise in Kumamoto, Japan.

Tasting Notes

A refreshing top note from Ao(early harvest green) yuzu spreads out gorgeously.
Next comes the full aroma of rich juicy Shiranui (Sumo Mandarin).
A hidden flavor of Banpeiyu, which adds depth with slight bitterness and lingering aftertaste.

Carefully Selected Ingredients

3 precious citrus fruits grown in Kumamoto are selected for the gin: “Ao Yuzu”, also known as the green yuzu, is the green state of Yuzu before it fully ripens. It can only be harvested for one week a year; “Shiranui”, is associated with a natural phenomenon caused by the eruption of Mt. Aso. The name can be translated to "unknown fire" in English ; and “Banpeiyu”, also known as "pomelo", is the largest citrus fruit in the world.

  • Ao Yuzu
  • Shiranui
  • Banpeiyu

Craftsmanship and Special

This newly developed craft gin was made using traditional shochu distillation techniques from YATSUSHIRO DISTILLERY.
In the process of distilling botanicals, we fully extract the citrus aroma like that of freshly harvested fruits, adding a refreshing, complex flavor to the spirit.

Food Pairing

Green salad with citrus dressing, Herb marinated chicken, Tempura, and Spice Curry.


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