Gratitude to
nature's magnificence - How we make Shochu

Kumamoto Prefecture is called as "the land of fire" and "the land of water."
We make spirits with gratitude and reverence for this mythical land that harbors great beauty.
Furthermore, we see it as our mission to pursue a flavor that brings the very best out of this blessing of nature.

A unique distillery with
6 different pot stills

We specialize in using pot stills (distilled only once), which distill the raw ingredients only once, bringing out the good in each of them. Also, one distillery usually has one or two distillation stills, but YATSUSHIRO DISTILLERY uses six stills in total. It can be said that they symbolize our highly creative shochu making process.
Each distillation still is built from different materials, letting the same ingredients create completely different and unique flavors. This allows us to try a wide variety of ways to bring out the best in our raw ingredients,
blend spirits in
unique ways,
and create
flavors that only
our stills can

Choosing the best rice koji (malted rice),
bringing out the best in the ingredients

Yatsushiro, Kumamoto Prefecture, has had an extensive water transportation system since ancient times, gathering agricultural goods from all around Japan.
We are proud of our methods of bringing out the best of ingredients from various regions, using Kumamoto's traditional kome koji.
We would like to spread Japan's rich food culture and agricultural production through shochu making.

What is koji (rice malt)?

Original Japanese mold that is indispensible for shochu making.
Koji-induced fermentation changes the raw material's starch to glucose.
There are three types used in Shochu: white - koji, black - koji, and yellow - koji, which further broadens the flavor of each ingredient.
The term "rice koji" also includes ingredients made by the propagation and fermentation of steamed rice.

Bringing the best out
of raw ingredients

We use carefully selected varieties of barley and sweet potato, harvested at their tastiest.
With rice koji as the base, the flavor of these ingredients are enhanced, creating the flavor that is more than the some of its parts.

  • We use specially selected rice to bring out the best flavors from our koji.

  • For a distinct of flavor, we use "two-row barley" which has rich in starch.

  • We use harvest-delayed "Hamakomachi Sweet Potatoes" which contain a higher concentration of aroma components.

  • We are the first distillery to use black sesame as a main ingredient for shochu.

Using white rice koji
for a fresh aroma

We use white rice koji to prioritize creating a fresh aroma in order to be enjoyed pairing with food.

Developed in-house, our original yeast imparts an invigorating aroma

We have developed our original yeast with a high capacity to create aromatic compounds over the course of 3 years. We have managed to create a mellow aroma reminiscent of banana and melon.

The finest spirits require the finest waters

We make shochu with subsoil water from the Kuma River as brewing water, which is renowned for its highest water quality*. We use Shirakawa Spring Water which springs forth gradually over time from Mt. Aso. Soft and smooth shochu is born with the luxury of Kumamoto’s gifts of nature. *Source: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism
Recent conditions of water quality of class A rivers in Japan


Rich and balanced, the subsoil water of the Kuma River is ideal for the fermentation process. This famous water minimizes impurities and enhances the clarity of our shochu.

  • Smooth with low hardness
  • Ideal for fermentation
    with an optimal mineral balance


There is the source of Shirakawa River two hours drive from our distillery. Rainwater that fell on Mt. Aso decades ago gushes out of the ground here and it is where we draw our shochu-diluting water.

  • Abundant calcium enhances its smoothness
  • Low sodium content
    gives prominence to its aroma

Hardness, Mineral
component table

The process behind crafting authentic shochu

Shochu is crafted with meticulous care, undergoing multiple stages of productions.
The pot stills, which bring out the best in each ingredient, are essential to achieving a rich flavor.


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